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Wonder Pup!

  Mommy and daddy thought that getting a second doggie would be good for Tory (keep him company and play with him during the day).  They also wanted to see how well they raised a puppy together. They thought it would be a piece of cake and that the new one would be as tranquil and calm as Tory. Boy were they in for a surprise!  The picture above was one of the few times where I wasn’t running around getting into something.

   My daddy named me JD after a golden retriever in a TV show called “Dead Like Me”. See they thought my doggie mom was a golden retriever from rural Virginia and doggie dad was a german shepard and short haired collie mix.  That is what the adoption agency told them.  They later found out that I’m a Carolina Dog.  I come from a long line of wild dogs that have been in North America for thousands of years.  We have only been recently redomesticated (we used to be with the Natvie Americans from the southeast).  We are also called “the American Dingo”. I use my wild heritage as an excuse to eat things and misbehave around the house. :-).

   Here I am with dad a few days after coming home:




   Here I am with Tory. He mopes a lot because I am always trying to pounce on him:




 When I don’t have Tory to torment, I have my Tory substitute to drag around and pounce on: my woobie



I’m a bit bigger now.  I’m 21 inches tall at the shoulder and weigh in at just under 60 pounds:



 Even though my “official” name is Just Dog, the JD has been changed to other things, depending on how I’ve been behaving. Daddy even says that JD is what he has to drink sometimes to put up with me :-).

   Here are some of the names I’ve been called so far:

  • Junior Demon (I try to be good, but the furniture tasted so yummy)
  • Juvenile Delinquent (I’ve done time in “the cage”)
  • Juicy Drool (on account of how sloppy I am when I drink)
  • Jowly Dog (I’ve got jowls... I can’t help it, it is inherited!)
  • Jumpy Dingo (I have a problem with over excitement)
  • Joyful Doggy (most of the time I’m in a good mood)

  I have a dogster link:   http://www.dogster.com/?217172